Man filmed having sex with a bike

 Man filmed having sex with a bikePolice in Sweden are hunting a man who was caught on camera having sex with a bicycle, yes! a BICYCLE!!

The man was caught in the act after the bike‘s owner set up a CCTV camera outside his house to find out who had been slashing his tires.

Footage of the bizarre bike bonk shows a hooded figure straddling the rear tire, while clutching a piece of paper.

The man then punctures a tire and masturbates while it deflates.

Police in the city of Osterlund are probing a possible link to a similar string of crimes that occurred in the area back in 2007.

Then a 35-year-old man was arrested for allegedly slashing the tires of twenty bikes, before ejaculating over the saddles.

Meanwhile, the bike’s owner Per Edstrom insists he doesn’t hold any grudges – he just wants the mystery man to leave his beloved bike alone.

He said: “I am not scared of him, just irritated over all the punctures I have had to fix.” (!?) -


 Man filmed having sex with a bike

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