Porn Hub going creative

Popular porn paradise, PornHub, reached out to porn enthusiasts everywhere in March, challenging them to create the best safe for work advertisement. The winner will not only have their one-of-a-kind advertisement featured for the website, but will be the new creative director for PornHub. Related posts: Bubble Porn Butthoven’s 5th Symphony China is rediscovering sex:…


Happy Masturbation Month!

May is International Masturbation Month! Good Vibrations is celebrating with Emily Morse from Sex with Emily with a 30 day masturbation challenge.   Related posts: When she is by herself, songs about masturbation Pegging, the history Dove beauty secrets Masturbation around the world


A week-long clitoral erection

A woman suffered a painful, five-day erection of the clitoris that left her barely able to stand. The 29-year-old had been taking medication to boost her libido, but had recently upped the dose,according to a medical report of her case. She was part of a clinical trial group taking the anti-depressant medications wellbutrin (bupropion) and trazodone, the…


Sochi sex positions

“It’s hard to understand the allure of certain winter Olympic sports. Like curling, for instance. We’d like to have a serious conversation with the person who invented the least eventful ice sport of all time (not including the funny pants they wear, which are sort of great). Ice dancing, on the other hand, is a pure…