Vesper, a vibrator necklace

Vesper – a vibrator necklace

Vesper is a solid stainless steel pendant with a nickel-free plated cap. Its clean, sleek aesthetics make for both a subtle addition to your outfit and a standalone statement piece.

Vesper is available in 3 colors – silver, rose gold, and 24 KT gold-plated with matching stainless steel chain, not only that this little guy is featured in a crowd-source enterprise: CRAVE ON LINE  

vesper2 Vesper, a vibrator necklace

Miss Bumbum 2014

These are the 27 women who will soon be battling it out for the coveted title of Miss Bum Bum Brazil 2014.

The competition, offering a $22,000  prize and the chance of worldwide fame, seeks to find Brazil’s finest example of the female bottom.

In its first stage, representatives from each of the country’s states are brought together to witness a public online vote, during which 15 finalists will be selected.

The second stage will see a winner chosen by a jury in a ceremony in November.

Now in its fourth year, Miss Bum Bum Brazil has gone from humble beginnings to international fame, with spin-offs in Miami, Japan and for the World Cup.


The Most Sexy Peach on Earth

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This little town, a 90-minute train ride west of Shanghai, is a world away from Georgia. There’s no Peachtree Street, no peach pie, no peach ice cream. About all Yangshan has are the juiciest, most delicious peaches on earth.

In 10,000 orchards, ranging from the backyards of homes to substantial farms, Yangshan’s trees are now groaning with a bumper crop of shui mi tao, “water honey peaches.” Big, soft and white-fleshed, they must be tasted to be believed; in this peach lover’s estimation, nothing from Georgia or California comes close. They are best eaten over a sink, to avoid showering the floor with peach juice.


pgeplknjiajaarbbiyol The Most Sexy Peach on EarthThis is what I call the best marketing!!